Updated July 18, 2018

Do  you know that you  are missing out on reaping the benefits of Amazon Prime membership advantage, if you are not a member yet? Click on the logo to your right to register. Amazon prime members have many benefits that you need to take advantage of.


    • Hug saving on many Amazon products and services?

    • Same day delivery; not available in all areas.

    • 2 hrs delivery; not available in all areas.

    • 2 day delivery and more other cool benefits.

    • Read my blog,  Click here,on how to save and set your price for a product for latter purchase. When the price you set hits, the system will alert you.

    • You will not have to search for it again  when you are ready to buys.

Click here to read my blog on how to track your products on amazon with Amazon keepa price tracker.

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