Updated July 18, 2018

Track Your Product to Get Better Deals Now!

Read this text to the last word on the page to know how to track your product to save money for profit.

Track your product to get better deals.Do you know How to get better deals and more? Do you know that you can track amazon products price? What does Tracking the product price does for you?

  1. You will know the varied sold prices for the past periods.
  2. You will know the price for a day, for the past weeks  and  for the past months.
  3. It also provides you the information on the length of time the product has been on amazon.
  4. Able to select a price point to buy the product on latter date.
  5. You can Track a product you intend to buy at later price point.
  6. Compare used and new product prices
  7. You will know the time amazon was out of stock on the product.
  8. Compare some products price with Ebay
  9. When your price point is reached you will be alerted
  10. Mouse over the tracker to see the price at each point

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The system will alert you once your selected price point is reached. With that information, you can do a product price plan. After looking at the graph and you discover that the product is potentially heading toward a drop in price, you might want to wait. Similarly, it may help you  buy the product right away if the price may increase later.


You can do a layaway without paying. Ok, that was the name I gave it. How do you do that? Once you find the product you like, you select track product, on the top left corner of the graph, right after  price history. You then use you couser to move the solid line left or right.


Moving the line gives you price point at which time you want to buy the product. While you are moving the line, the dollar amount and percentage saved are displayed. You can then set the price point,  if you think the price may continue to drop. Once you have selected your price point , click on start tracking and the system will alert you once your price point is reached. Simple as that. Is’t that great?


If you are a seller or  a flipper, you can buy at lower price and sell it later. Some of the products can be compared with Ebey’s price. Equally, you can compare Amazon price with the marketplace or other suppliers.


The following process make it easy to track your product.

You need to install a google chrome browser because the tracker is a google chrome extension.

Click Here to install Google Chrome

For you to be able to track Amazon products, you will need to install Amazon keepa. It only currently works with Google chrome. click here to install the tracker
Sample of Amazon Keepa Price Tracker

Sample of Amazon Keepa Price Tracker

How to install the amazon keepa tracker.

Click Here  and a page will open that shows a graph. close the graph.
  1. On top of the page to your left, you will see Chrome Web Store.
  2. Type in, Keepa, in the search line where you see  Search the store .
  3. You will see amazon keepa, about number 6, on the drop down list.
  4. Click on the amazon keepa.
  5. A page will open. To the right of the page is a keepa black banner that is written Keepa amazon price tracker.
  6. Click on it to install it on your  computers.
  7. The tracker currently works only on desktop.
Once you have completed the above, come back to this page and click over here . It will take you to amazon website. Once you are on Amazon website, select a product and wait for a few seconds for the graph to load. You will find the graph below the product you have selected.

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